Thursday, September 17, 2015

Updates and Links!

Hi guys!
I know it's been a while since I've posted, but I'm trying to get back in the swing of blogging again! A lot has happened here recently and I want to share the news with you! 
First, my second book to the Worhsipped Series is out! Betrayed is live and ready for you to dive in and find out what really happened to Riley's BFF, Karen. I have to warn you, this book is darker than the first. Jason is very dark and twisted and I cannot wait for you to meet him! I actually love his character because he's more than the monster he thinks he is. 
Secondly, I have recently gotten back from vacation and I am back at writing finally! I know I have taken longer to get back at it than I thought. With my husband coming back from deployment then vacation, I haven't had the time to do what I love most. But, last night I can tell you I did write! Whooooo! 
Thirdly, I have decided to break a bit on the Worshipped series. But don't worry it won't be a long break! I am currently working on something different that the series. It will be a standalone, and I am over half way finished with it. It's coming along a lot better than I have planned and the feedback from my betas is amazing! If you've recently been tagging along with me on takeovers and events, then you will know what this project is. BUT if you've missed it, I will tell you! Here is the blurb and some teasers for you. 

By Brie Paisley
Release date TBA
Official Blurb:
Temptation comes in many forms.
Most people are able to resist or fight against it. I am not one of those people.
I used to be the good girl. That shy and forgettable girl that everyone looked over. That girl that had her whole life planned out. But one choice, one bad mistake at a party, changed my life in so many ways. Gone was my mapped out future. Gone was the perfect image of the girl I was.
Then he came.
Viktor Matvei found me. He saved me. And then he offered me one of the biggest temptations of all. The chance to become someone else. I had a chance to be stronger, confident, and most of all, the opportunity to change the course of my life. If it were just me, the decision would’ve been easy but my thoughts are blurred with an unexpected return of my past.
Viktor lives and breathes his strict rules. He is demanding and he will stop at nothing to get what he wants. I know there are things in his life that makes him be the way he is. He is a temptation that I cannot give into. If I do, I fear there will not be a shred of Ava Walker left.
Now I have a choice.
Will I continue to fight Viktor? Or will I give into his temptation?

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I plan on being finished with Temptation by the end of this month. I really want this book to be out by December and I feel I can make this happen for y'all! I will post the prologue in a few days for y'all as well. But remember, if you want to join my fan group you are more than welcome. I post a lot in there and of course you will get the first look at new teasers and snippets. Here is the link for the group. 

                                                                  Brie's Beauties

I would like to point out that this group is a place to go and unwind and have fun. There are times nudity is posted, so please do not join this group to troll and report people. I won't allow that to happen. All of us in the group are super nice and sweet so please join us if you want to have fun! 
Lastly, I have a release day party coming up on the 19th and I would love it if you would come and hangout with me! I will have tons of prizes and awesome things to tell you there. Spread the word to your friends and join in on the fun! I also will announce what book will come next! 
Oh and before I go, keep a lookout for my google doc form for you to sign up for signed paperbacks! I hope to have this form done this weekend and posted by Monday so you can sign up. 

                                                               Betrayed Release Party

That's all I have for you today! I hope you continue to follow me and stalk me! Have a wonderful day and I will post again in a few days! 
Until next time...

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