Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Holy hell!
I finished writing Betrayed a few days ago...not sure if anyone saw that...but it's finished. Done.
Now the fun part!!
Editing...ugh I really hate this part, but it's short of necessary yeah?
SO, since it is also Teaser Tuesday I thought I would do something extra special just for you!
How about a first look into Betrayed?
Well okay then.
Here is the Prologue. This is not edited yet, and pretty please with sugar on top, do not share this. I am trusting y'all with my second baby here.
Hope y'all enjoy!!



When people say, “Those you love, and trust the most, hurt you more than you think possible,” they are not lying. I trusted a man that I thought I knew. I also gave him my heart. Like a fool I was, I had believed him. Had believed in him. Looking back now, I should’ve known better. I should’ve done something…..
Now it’s too late. I’m in way to deep to turn back now. He controls everything. Every move I make he watches me. I feel his eyes on me everywhere. I can feel his sexual desires with that smoldering look. Truthfully, I like that look. I shouldn’t, but I can’t help that my body knows his. It’s like being pulled into a fire, knowing you will get burned. I did my best to stay away….I tried to run. But now…now everything has changed.
I try not to think of the things I’ve seen him do. I try to ignore the blood on his clothes and hands. I know he has darkness inside of him. One look into those dark brown eyes and I knew. I chose to ignore my gut instinct telling me to stay away. I don’t understand what is wrong with me. He has changed me somehow.
I feel broken……My life was not perfect before, but it was damn near it. I had my own clinic. I was the best OBGYN in Southern California. I had my best friend, Riley, and my two loving parents. He took me from everything.
I think back to the night I met him, before Jake’s Bar was burned to the ground. I still wasn’t sure who caused that. I saw him as soon as I walked in. As if he knew I would be there, he turned toward me, with a shocked look. At first, I didn’t pay him any mind. I thought he was like every other guy in the bar, trying to get laid for the night. I was still surprised he even bothered to come up to me.
“Can I buy you a drink?” he asks. I give him an innocent smile, nodding my head yes. What girl wouldn’t want a hot guy buying drinks? He seemed nice, and holy hell he was good looking. Even though he was sitting I could tell he would be tall. Dark hair fell over his forehead, making me want to run my fingers through it. His eyes, oh, those eyes, I could get lost into those deep dark brown eyes. I assumed he either worked out a lot or he did some sort of hard labor work. His black shirt was tight around his biceps and around his chest. I noticed a little bit of a tattoo showing, and I was curious to know what it was.
Shaking my head at myself, I took a look around the bar while he got us drinks. I was surprised to see Cammie there, and more surprised at that she wasn’t alone. Good for her. I was glad Riley hadn’t fully turned her off from meeting new people. I gave her a friendly wave, and turned back to the bar. I was glad the bar wasn’t overly crowded. Granted it was a weekday, but it was nice not to be filled with grabby men and their horrible pick up lines.
“Thanks for the drink,” I told him as he set my beer in front of me. He didn’t say anything in return. He took a long drink of his beer, and seemed to be thinking of what to say. I’ve been told I was hot, but I didn’t think I was intimidating. He swallowed a few more times and turned to me. I waited patiently for him to say whatever he had to say. When he just stared, I raised an eyebrow. “What? Cat got your tongue?” I teased. I was never the one to sugar coat anything. If I had something to say, good or bad, I would say it. My parents always told me I was born without a filter.
 I got a smirk for that, and he said, “This wasn’t what I was expecting.” I had no idea what he meant.
 “How so? You normally don’t buy random strangers a drink?”
“No, that’s not what I meant….Ah…” he cleared his throat and asked, “What’s your name?”
 “Karen. And you are?”
 I realized “Josh” wasn’t much of a talker. I took a drink of my beer and asked, “What do you do for a living Josh?”
A woman walking by laughing with her lover brought me back to the present. I sighed, wishing I could somehow go back to that night. Or would I? I still wasn’t sure if I would change anything that happened that night. The moment Josh had bought me that damn beer my life was changed before I even realized it.
 I lay back on my beach towel and try to forget where I am and whom I am with. Yes now things are different, but I could still feel him watching me. I close my eyes listening to the waves and tried to forget everything for once. But forgetting has a price, and apparently, I didn’t have enough money in the world to forget.

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