Monday, May 4, 2015

Being a tease....

It's Monday! Ugh the dreaded day of the week. The one day that either seems to be packed with errands to run, or it just never seems to go right. But I have succeeded in having a good day so far! I think we should all skip Monday's and go right into Tuesday! LOL.
Anyways, I hope your day is going great!
I have a few announcements to make and I think you will approve!!
The first one I would like to tell you about....Worshipped (Book 1 of the Worshipped Series), is now available to purchase in paperbacks!!! YAY! I know I am very excited for that one.
Here is the link that takes you directly to Amazon to purchase!

The second announcement is....
Well see here's the thing. I have been working constantly on getting Betrayed (Book 2 of the Worshipped Series), done asap for you guys. And things are going great. So great that I have decided to make another book just for Karen and Jason. Their story is a big one. A lot happens, and I want to stay with the timeline in Worshipped. And since I am almost at the goal of 100k and only halfway done with them, I thought it was necessary to write another one for them. Redeemed will follow Betrayed. Kinda fitting to me.
So, sorry for the confusion. As an author I want the best story for you guys. As a reader myself, I hate when books seemed rushed at the end. I do not want that. I want it to flow and be just as great as it is in my mind.  These two characters have a SHIT TON  to say and they have yet to shut it. I know that might sound odd, I promise I'm not a weirdo or anything, but when I write the characters literally play out in my head. Kinda like I am watching a movie!
These are my announcements for the day! I hope this idea to change it up a bit goes well and I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!!!


  1. So excited to hear that Worshipped is out in paperback! I'm going to order it very soon!! Thanks a bunch!!!

  2. Thank you!!! I am super excited about it myself LOL