Sunday, November 22, 2015

Life has been crazy...

I know it's been a while since I last blogged. I did great there for a while, and I'm sorry for not being constant with my blogging. Sometimes I honestly don't know what to blog about or what to say. I don't know if all you want to hear is about my books or if you're interested in knowing more about my life and what I've been doing. For the most part, I try to do a bit of both, but other times, I like some things to stay private. I'm a very private person, and I hate when others talk about things that's happened just to get those sympathy votes. I am not that person.

With that being said, yes there has been a recent shitty things that's happened in my life. I will not say what it is. Only those close to me know what is actually going on, but just know for those that have commented or messaged me telling me if I needed anything, or they're thinking of me, THANK YOU.

My husband and I have gotten bad news and some days I don't really know how to move forward from it. But, just know I see where some of you have liked or commented saying you hope all is well, and I really do appreciate that. You guys have no idea how much it means to me to see that. Or even the messages telling me if I need anything to just let you know. I know it sounds crazy, but I really feel a connection to you, and just knowing you care more than I thought, well, it's a great feeling. It's one that I've needed and I hope you know how much I really do appreciate it. I strive on being true to myself, and refusing to be fake. What you see is what you get from me. I'm the same person, even if you've never seen my face or just follow me. Everything I post is not just a front. So when I make these types of posts, please believe me when I say, this is coming from the heart. This is genuinely written, with all the love and appreciation I have for each and every one of you.

Since the bad news, I haven't been able to write. I don't feel the urge to write anything actually, and I hope and pray that changes. I've had a few small ideas coming and going, but the need to type it out isn't there. I've never had this happen to me before and it scares me to death. Writing is my passion. It's my escape and my way of putting these million ideas and thoughts to use. I hope this block doesn't last. I know after I finished Temptation, I took a break, but I had no idea how much shitty news would affect my writing.

So, for those waiting for book 3 of the Worshipped series, I am very sorry it's taking me longer than I had anticipated. I really wanted book 3 to be at least halfway written by now. I just want you guys to hang in there with me. Please be patient with my block and as soon as I start up again, you will be the first to know. I'm going to try and get back at it in December. I have a few ideas to help motivate me into getting back into the crazy world of writing.

I just want to say another THANK YOU to all of my amazing supporters. Even if you never see this, I hope you feel the cyber love from me. Without you, I wouldn't have a reason to continue writing or publishing. You make me want to work my ass off getting you those stories you love, and before I hit publish it was just a hobby. It's still a hobby, but one that I want to work on everyday. I want to get that feeling back. Just know, I'm not giving up. I'm here to stay and I'll fight to get that writing urge back.


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